In a world that places so many demands on us (physical, emotional, social, cultural, financial, etc) we inevitably need to gather ourselves. Yoga offers us ways to breathe more deeply, see more clearly and become more mindful.  In this wild world of ours, my mat is where I begin my simplification/reunification process.  The practice of cultivating a relationship between body and mind, mind and breath, breath and present moment awareness has been a source of stability and anchoring in my daily life. 

I graduated from the Open Doors 200hr teaching training program in 2005 and the RYS 500hr program through Sacred Seeds Yoga School with my teacher, Jacqui Bonwell, in 2015.

My classes have a strong emphasis on alignment, breath, inner awareness and mindful movement.   For the past 16 years I have taught from a place of knowing that we are all students in our Yoga practice and in our lives. I have my Level 2 Balanced Athlete (TM) Certification, Yin & Meditation Certification, Yoga Nidra Certification, and have been lucky enough to assisted my teacher, Jacqui Bonwell, for over 7 years at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Healing in Lenox, MA. I am a regular teacher for the empowerHER program for girls without Mom’s & regularly teach YoungYogis classes for pre-teens and teens.  

My mission has changed through the years, as has my practice.  I want to make my classes more accessible, more inclusive, and more available.  I want to create community and connection.  With my mission in mind I am offering my online drop-in classes as all levels classes.

I am also offering the following:

  • Suggested payment of $10/class. 

  • If you take both classes during the week with me, please adjust the suggested price to $15/week.

  • If the payment causes you any hesitation, please remove it from consideration entirely and just show up. 

  • If you know of someone who could benefit from the practice, please forward them my site, let them know the above, and  let them know I would love to share the practice with them.   


Ultimately, I want to offer the practice to ALL and I want to create community during a time when our society needs it most.  

I am forever grateful to the practice of yoga, and the teachers and students that continually inspire me. I am also honored to be the Mama of three beautiful babes who have challenged me to put my yoga practice to use on a daily basis.


I would love to share the practice with you.