I arrived on my mat 20 years ago, solely for the physical benefits, or so I thought. A year into my regular practice, things shifted. My yoga gradually transformed from a physical practice to more of a lifestyle. I graduated from the Open Doors 200hr teaching training program in 2005 and the RYS 500hr program through Sacred Seeds Yoga School in 2015.


We live in a world that places so many demands on us, physically, emotionally, socially, culturally, financially, etc. which can lead to self fragmentation. My mat is where I begin my simplification/reunification process. Yoga fosters a deeper level of mindfulness and acceptance, both external and internal. My mat is my haven, my classroom, my confessional, my serenity and often my sanity. I am forever grateful to the practice of yoga, and the teachers and students that continually inspire me. I am blessed and honored to be the Mama of three beautiful babes and am lucky enough to spend most of my time off the mat with them.


I have been teaching for 15 years now and I teach from a place of knowing that we are all students in our yoga practice and in our lives. My classes have a strong emphasis on alignment, breath, inner awareness and mindful movement. I would love to share the practice with you.