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Being human is downright difficult at times. I am grateful that I really had no clue when I was younger how damn complex it could be to be a successful adult human. By successful, I mean emotionally, mentally and soulfully living most of our days with inner peace.

Learning how to skillfully navigate relationships with others can be a tough but learning how to know, love and truly align with oneself is a whole different ballgame. I've made so many mistakes along the way, some have been stepping stones and others hold those regrets I'm still working to release.

In 2000, I found yoga. During that time for me, yoga was twisting, sweating, arm-balancing, standing on my head and breathing was life changing for sure. For the first time in my life, I laid in a prone position and listened, really listened to my breath. Somehow, it felt new, almost unknown. That said, it was just the beginning.

I've spent the past 19 years practicing, reading, listening, growing but yet somehow self-alignment seems to be this constantly evolving practice. For years, I've defined myself with simple defining terms of employee, wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, yogi, etc. but I am so much more. When we rest on the surface, in the drama, and define ourselves with these simple terms we continue to miss interconnectedness...connection not only with others but within ourselves.

Our world is wild right now, which allows for deep growth, real change, intense observation. Don't stop now....keep seeking truth, self-alignment, dig deep and serve the collective.

As we enter this new phase in life, mid-covid and post-covid, may we all:

listen more,

discern (with compassion) who we are,

participate in life but don't attach to the drama,

seek people who inspire and support,

listen, really listen to that 'inner voice',

don't ever underestimate our's when we suppress or don't trust that creates regrets in hindsight,

rest in remembrance of what it is to be human, our darkness and our light, our growth and our decay,

and finally, close doors that are dead-ends and allow future doors to open

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