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The Substitute Teacher

I so vividly remember the days in Middle School, back in the 80's, when a substitute teacher would walk into the room and we'd all be so excited because we knew it meant no work for the day. Usually, he'd throw a VHS cassette into the VCR and try to let us watch a film of some sort. We'd all sit in our tiny chairs and watch him push the cassette into the VCR and begin to press buttons. He'd bend over, take the glasses from the top of his head and seek the tiny On/Off button. He'd press random buttons on the VCR, more buttons on the TV, the cassette would be ejected and then pushed back in. A fuzzy black/gray screen would appear on the TV.....Yes! Something turned on. The sub would glance over his shoulder with furrowed brows and give a weak smile 'Almost there!' he'd exclaim with false excitement. He'd see the wires hanging loose at the back of the TV and try connecting them to different ports, again and again.

Inevitably, one of us would stand up, irritated by watching his ineptitude, help the confused man and show him the clear and obvious way of connecting the black wire, turning on the both the TV and the VCR and hit play.

Just as the substitute teacher of the past, I find myself fumbling try to teach virtually, design a website, generate an online following, establish a new blog....etc, etc, etc.

Adjusting to the rapidly shifting way we are working, studying, offering has been a learning curve to say the least.

That said, I have figured out how to, figuratively speaking, at least turn on the VCR. Please check out my new website and blog, make sure to subscribe for updates, and stay tuned for my new schedule.

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