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Things are messy...they have been for a while

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Things are messy...they have been for a while.

These past three months have been like a friggin' mirror in my face....this is YOU it screams. At times I have wanted to smash the crap out of it, at others I’ve been inspired to change up routines/habits, and at others I’ve been brought to my knees by the sheer brutal truth of all of it.

We need to dig in….continue the practice of recognition of self. If we are happy and content in our own being/life we are less likely to shame/judge another. It’s in those aspects of our lives where we feel most vulnerable, most inadequate, most fearful that we tend to shame and judge others.

It’s this constant question of who do you want to be? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

We are human. We fail and we ache. We succeed and celebrate with joy. We make mistakes and suffer regrets. We are virtuous and honor our choices. It’s this endless rollercoaster. So either we ride gripping with fear and waiting for it to all be over or we raise our arms up over our heads, scream at times, and ride it out with both fear and joy

Let this time inspire us to move forward (in our words, our actions and our emotions) with grace and integrity and joy. Serve the collective (the WHOLE collective). Live with compassion. Increase our tolerance and know that our worth is equal.

Your worth is equal to mine and mine is equal to yours.

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